Conference Location
EACL 2024 St. Julians, Malta


Conference Location
EACL 2023 Dubrovnik, Croatia (hybrid)
ACL 2022 Dublin, Ireland
EACL 2021 Kyiv, Ukraine (held online)
ACL 2019 Florence, Italy
EACL 2017 Valencia, Spain
EACL 2014 Gothenburg, Sweden
EACL 2012 Avignon, France
EACL 2009 Athens, Greece
EACL 2006 Trento, Italy
EACL 2003 Budapest, Hungary
EACL 1999 Bergen, Norway
EACL-ACL 1997 Madrid, Spain
EACL 1995 Dublin, Ireland
EACL 1993 Utrecht, The Netherlands
EACL 1991 Berlin, Germany
EACL 1989 Manchester, England
EACL 1987 Copenhagen, Denmark
EACL 1985 Geneva, Switzerland
EACL 1983 Pisa, Italy

EACL conference handbook

The EACL handbook can be found here.